The Westin Hilton Head Resort

With an embracing welcome, The Westin offers a luxurious retreat to rejuvenate by balancing youthful vigor and casual adventure with rest and reset. The pounding waves create a soothing rhythm to recenter yourself and the steady pace of the rising sun evokes a calming nature of revitalization. Inspired by the wispy sea oats and sweetgrasses, the imperfect natural textures are intertwined with organic forms to express a soft luxury.  Breezy sheers billow, woven grass cloth provides a sense of refuge, and lamps dapple light as if gazing at the sun through waving palm fronds or ancient oaks.  Deriving a color palette from the sandy shores and marshlands, deep green foliage, skies awash in blue, the materiality is rich yet restrained, natural and warm.  The essence is carried through with organic forms, nubby woven sisals, fluffy cotton, and the slub of linen.  Low country inspired architectural details reflect the outside environment with a light and airy touch.


Hilton Head Island, SC


Guestroom & Guest Suite Renovation


387 Guestrooms, 32 Suites