Ellis Adams Group is a lifestyle consulting agency that creates unparalleled custom experiences with the art of storytelling that encourage curiosity, adventure, and knowledge through fashion, travel, hospitality, art, and design. 

Our passion drives us to inspire and educate across the globe.

Innovation. Individuality. Evolution.

The World of

Our Agency constructs all-inclusive hospitality programs, from creation to activation, training, sustainability, and digital marketing to increase emotional connections between consumers and our partners.

Mixology is the art of creating individualized cocktail experiences that leave lasting memories. It’s the ability through knowledge, technical skills, and engagement to make a personal connection with each guest.

An exclusive barware collection for the global food service brand. The Mix Collection contains a variety of tools and glasses to withstand the rigor of high volume restaurants and bars while still focusing on the craft.

The Ellis House is an organic, unscripted experience representing your lifestyle, that is perfectly curated by you. We are not a hotel, we are a Lifestyle House.

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Ellis Anthony features customizable clothing, apparel, shoes, accessories, fragrances, and furniture for the adventurous, experience-driven client that is looking for attainable luxury. Curated by you, for your lifestyle.

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