Ellis Adams Group is a lifestyle consulting firm that creates unparalleled custom experiences with the art of storytelling that encourage curiosity, adventure, and knowledge through fashion, travel, hospitality, art, and design. ​

Our passion drives us to inspire and educate across the globe.

Innovation. Individuality.Evolution.
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Ellis Adams Design specializes in a multidisciplinary approach to hospitality design with services ranging from concept creation and branding to interior design. Thriving within the intersection of luxury and lifestyle, we leverage our operations expertise with design savvy to make our projects both shine and function. With a core belief that design is in the details, we dive into the artful finishing touches that tell the individual story of each project.Through the art of storytelling,Ellis Adams Design creates unparalleled custom experiences that encourage curiosity, adventure, and knowledge.

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The Ellis House is an organic, unscripted experience representing your lifestyle, that is perfectly curated by you. We are not a hotel, we are a Lifestyle House.

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