Smoke and Mirrors

Sitting high atop the Navy Yards, Smoke & Mirrors is an indoor/outdoor bar with sweeping views of the Capitol.  It’s namesake is a tongue-in-cheek play on words relating to D.C. and the unique design elements and materiality within the space. Smoke & Mirrors offers a specialty cocktail experience like no other.  Sparkling top-shelf liquor lockers change colors when speciality spirits are accessed for a true theatrical expression.  Stemming from the dramatic logo, the color palette is a contrast of black and white cerused wood with accents of smoked mirror and rich blues inspired by the Navy.  The curated art explores the faces of D.C. and portrays abstractual references to smoke & mirrors in a contemporary and sculptural manner.


Within AC Hotel in Washington, the Navy Yards


Rooftop Bar and Restaurant


Interior Bar: 2,900 sf
Rooftop Bar: 3,000 sf