Sol Republic

Sol Republic

Sol Republic Tracks HD Headphones 

Recently, I was getting overly bored with my basic, mainstream earbuds. Sure, they did the job okay, but it wasn’t great. Being the music-lover that I am, okay just wasn’t enough.  Low and behold, just as I was starting  my search for the perfect headphones, my friends over at Sol Republic hooked me up with the perfect solution. My search ended quickly. My first listen sealed the deal. I am apart of the Sol Republic nation.

These mid price range on-ear headphones provide an awesome bass-improved sound with comfort that lets you listen for hours. You may have seen Michael Phelps sporting a pair of these during the London Olympics (Without an endorsement deal!) .

Aesthetically Sol Republic has created a a very straight forward design with interchangeable parts that allow you to customize the color of each part of the headphones. This particular pair sports a vibrant blue headband with a silver ear piece and blue cable. On the cable you will find an inline remote that lets you control volume. The ear piece easily slides up and down the headband, allowing you to get the perfect fit.

These are on-ear headphones and still provide a good amount of noise cancellation and are extremely loud. Any volume above halfway was almost unbearable and certainly ear damaging. The sound is clear and favors the bottom end of the sound spectrum. They sound great listening to any genre.

Overall they are very comfortable. I was able to listen for a couple of hours uninterrupted and at times almost forgot that I was even wearing headphones.

Style: On Ear

Controls: In-line three button, mic; compatible with iPhone. In-line one button, mic; compatible with Android and some Windows Phone, BlackBerry models

Noise cancelling: Passive isolation

Wired: Detachable, interchangeable cords available in different colors and different in-line controls

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